Relationship Coaching & Counseling

relationship coaching pageAre there areas in your relationships that need improvement? If so, relationship coaching may be just what you need to have the satisfying relationships you desire.  There is an old saying “if you want something different, you have to do something different”.  Relationship coaching is an opportunity to do something different.  It allows you to accomplish your relationship goals with support, guidance, and get this…no judgment!

We will form a partnership based on mutual trust and respect that will propel your relationships in a forward, positive, loving direction. Let’s face it… Strong relationships require skills and effort.  We work together to build upon the skills you already have and to develop new skills that will ensure the health and success of your relationships.

Coaching Services

We understand that each person is unique. Therefore, we offer different services to meet the needs of our unique clientele. If the service you are seeking is not available, we will be happy to design something especially for you.

What is relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching is a partnership where we focus on designing an action plan to help you, the client achieve your relationship goals in a supportive environment. The focus is always on you and what you want.

As your coach, I am trained to listen, observe and to customize my approach to meet your individual needs. You are the expert of your life. My mission is to help you discover the path you want to travel in your life and relationships by providing tools, support and guidance needed to learn new skills and to enhance the skills, insight, and creativity that you already have.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one by telephone, in person (for those who are in the local area), by email and secure encrypted online chat. You choose the method that you are most comfortable with, and the one that meets your needs. Individual coaching focuses on your personal needs and desire to move forward in your life.

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching sessions are conducted by telephone, in person and video conferencing.  Couples’ coaching is designed to help the pre-committed couple decide if they want to take the relationship to the next level and to help the committed couples strengthen the bond and achieve total satisfaction in the relationship.

Group Coaching

Group sessions are conducted in person and virtually.  Every member of the group will have the opportunity for coaching as needed during the session. Groups are limited to 8 people. Group coaching allows the members to benefit from each other’s knowledge, wisdom and insight. Group coaching is for people who have similar goals and/or challenges.