Meet LaTricia

Meet LaTricia pageGreetings,

My name is LaTricia Smith and I am a marriage celebrant, relationship coach and love enthusiast who is very passionate about love and marriage. I’m quite fond of happy beginnings and I truly adore happily ever after.  I take great pride in collaborating with people just like you to cultivate long lasting connections with the ones who matter most. 

My heart dances when a single person learns to love themselves fully and attracts their true love to form a meaningful partnership.  My heart sings when a loving couple looks deeply into one another’s eyes with a smile on their face and says “I Do”.  My heart leaps for joy when a couple who is torn apart by circumstances realizes that they are better together and puts in the effort to be reconnected.  Oh how my heart plays a melody when relationships are created, restored, and/or renewed. My mission, passion, life’s work, and calling revolve around relationships.  We make the world a better place when we have loving, meaningful relationships. If there is anything I can do to help you have successful relationships, I am at your service.

Now that you know how passionate I am about love and relationships, you probably want to know about my qualifications.  Honestly, I have a few degrees and certifications under my belt, but they aren’t nearly as important as the fact that I have real life experience.  I have been married for over two decades and have worked with hundreds of people over the last twenty years on matters of the heart. More importantly, I truly care about the success of your relationship!